Our Approach



With so many different approaches to health, wellness, and fitness, it can often feel like you’re being bombarded with advice on how to treat your body right. Our clients often come to us with questions about what they’ve seen, read, and heard. The fact of the matter is, there is no one answer that works for everyone. Each person’s body is unique, and our goal at Personalized Health Center is to help demystify & educate, and ultimately help you understand you!


This process begins with us, the team you have chosen to begin this journey to healing with.

Here at Personalized Health Center, we are a team of driven and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to helping you get your body on the right track. With years of experience and education (plus our great sense of intuition), you can expect to be treated with respect and knowledge by our highly qualified professionals. What really sets us apart from other health and wellness centres is our mindset. We are of the belief that each individual is a unique person with specific needs! We pride ourselves on this mandate, and the results it inspires. It’s this kind of passion that drives us to provide you with the best possible care, the care you deserve!


Now that you know a little more about us, it’s time for us to learn all about you! This is the second step in our process, and the part we are most excited about.

Before we can provide you with customized advice, we need to make sure we know what we’re talking about. We begin with BodyCHECK to provide a fully comprehensive assessment of the body, as well as a full personal history. From the results of a BodyCHECK, we can create a solution unique to you with our BodyDETOX program. With this, we can reset your body so that with the right work, it can slowly get back into balance.

Our clients come to us for truly personalized service. You won’t feel a cookie-cutter approach with us, nor will you ever feel like we are ignoring your needs and trying to rush you. We’re a team dedicated to you!

  • We listen to you.
  • We focus on your life.
  • We provide you with data about you.
  • We educate you about you.
  • We build a plan that is unique to you.
  • We support you.
  • We celebrate with you.

Our process is simple, and our methods are straightforward. We believe in working with each client to create a plan they understand and are excited to stick to — nothing more and nothing less! The Personalized Health Center exists as our commitment to being all about you!