Meet the founder’s…thoughts!


“My sister eats broccoli and feels fine. Why do I feel bloated?”

Ottawa Nutritionist Hari GhumanIt is questions like this that motivates me to help people understand their unique bodies, how it functions, and what specific actions they can take to improve their health and daily living. Most importantly, I’m proud that my path to be here has felt nothing but organic.

My name is Hari Ghuman – I am a health practitioner that believes that everyone single person has a very unique body and thus requires the extra attention and knowledge in order to fully understand their bodies.

Search for Answers
Prior to choosing this role in my life and my community, I completed a bachelor degree in Social Sciences and immediately pursued a passion in healthy eating and living – I took on the dream of owning and operating a health food store. After the first year, I was interested in different methods to measure the body and completed a course from Charles Poliquin on Biosignature to help understand body hormones and its impact on body fat. I felt a desire to learn more about impacts of what people put in their bodies. I saw and also felt the positive effects of natural nutrition. In, 2008, I completed my continuing education at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a registered holistic nutritionist.


Vision of optimal health
Following the next 5 years of working with several hundred clients, I learned a few key lessons that propelled me to starting the Personalized Health Center.

1. Clients are more motivated when they CLEARLY understand

a. How their unique body works

b. The impacts of different foods on their bodies. It’s different for everyone.

2. Clients achieve greater results when a program is customized to their bodies

3. The gut is represented by the intestinal tract and is a critical factor to optimal health. It breaks down and feeds the body its nutrients. We call this – The Core.

4. We are more successful when we take the time to fully understand your past medical history and lifestyle – both from a conventional and holistic standpoint.

Committed to you
I let my actions speak louder than words. I say now that I am committed to helping you achieve optimal health. I believe I’ve invested and will continue to invest to create a stronger healing organization year after year. But as most of my clients will attest, I rather prove it with my actions.

Welcome to the Personalized Health Center. We look forward to helping you get healthier.