Egg Allergy

I am allergic to eggs. How can I avoid contact?

Accordingly, it makes sense to stay away from foods that may contain egg protein in any form. This means that an individual in Ottawa who is allergic to eggs should look for warning labels on foods, stating that a product may contain eggs, or traces of egg in any form.

Can a person outgrow this type of allergy?

Research has shown that in certain cases, a child with a mild allergy to eggs may outgrow the condition. However, if they suffer from severe reactions, the condition may last a lifetime. As a precaution, if a parent or a family member has an allergy to eggs it is prudent to check with an Ottawa allergy specialist before introducing a child to eggs.

If a person is allergic to raw eggs, are they able to eat them cooked without consequence?

This can be a double-edged sword. Where a mild allergy exists to raw eggs, a person may eat them cooked in small amounts without having any reaction. Keep in mind that cooking eggs does not change the protein that causes the allergic reaction, so overall it would be in your best interest to check with an Ottawa allergy specialist for your unique situation.

How can I avoid eggs and their derivatives?

In any scenario, always make a point to read all labels for warnings of products containing egg proteins, and their derivatives. It is also wise to steer clear of foods that do not list their ingredients. This means reading all food labels when grocery shopping – food companies can often change the ingredients for different variations of a particular product.