Mustard Allergy

I have a mustard allergy. How can I avoid a mustard-related reaction?

Stay away from any foods that contain any derivative of mustard protein. Particularly, pay attention to labels with warnings.

How can I determine if a product contains mustard or mustard derivatives?

Pay close attention to what you choose to eat, and read labels for warnings. This is not a common allergy in Ottawa, but it is still imperative to avoid ingredients & foods that contain mustard or derivatives.

Do I need to avoid canola if I have a mustard allergy?

Canola oil is made from a combination of the mustard seed, (Juncea & Brassica seeds), and rapeseed, (Brassica Napus & Brassica Rapa). The name “Canola” comes from the origin of the oil, Canada, and the fact that it is low in¬†erucic acid.

Due to the process in which canola oil is made, even though there are not significant amounts of mustard protein found, individuals who are allergic to mustard should still avoid consuming canola, or other foods containing mustard seeds.

Avoiding all Derivatives of Mustard

Always make a point when grocery shopping to read the labels on the foods you purchase. This will help to avoid any unfortunate mishaps. Remember that manufacturers may occasionally change their recipes or use different ingredients for varieties of the same brand.