Peanut Allergy

How can I avoid a peanut-related reaction?

Always be aware and avoid any foods that contain peanut protein as part of the ingredients. Additionally, read the labels on food products for warnings and traces of peanuts. When eating at Ottawa restaurants, always ask if an item contains the food you are allergic to.

Can a peanut allergy be outgrown?

Unfortunately, the odds are in favour of this type of allergy being a lifelong condition. Pay a visit to an Ottawa allergy specialist to learn more about your specific condition.

How can I determine if a product contains peanuts or peanut derivatives?

Always read the label on the goods that you purchase. If peanuts are part of the product formulation, they must be declared in the list of ingredients or in a separate “contains” statement immediately following the list of ingredients. You can also call the manufacturer for more information if you are unsure.

Additionally, if you’re eating at a restaurant, always ask the staff about their allergen policy, and if the dish you order contains any type of nuts or peanuts.

Avoiding peanuts and peanut derivatives

The only way to totally avoid eating or touching food that contains peanut protein is to read all labels. Seriously, this point cannot be stressed enough. If you have any type of food allergy the only way to avoid contact is to know for certain what is in your food. Never assume others know of your condition. You are the advocate to your own health.