Sesame Allergy

How can I avoid a sesame seed-related reaction?

Avoiding foods with sesame in them is the best way to avoid a sesame seed-related reaction. You should also ask the staff at restaurants if any of the dishes contain sesame, or derivatives (sesame oil, tahini, etc.).

How can I determine if a product contains sesame or a derivative?

You must read all labels on the goods you buy. If sesame is part of the product formulation, it must be declared in the list of ingredients or in a separate “contains” statement immediately following the list of ingredients. Look for “may contain traces of sesame” or “made in a facility that processes sesame”, as well.

Avoiding sesame and sesame derivatives

Manufacturers may occasionally change their recipes or use different ingredients for varieties of the same brand. Avoid food products that do not have a clear ingredient list, and read labels carefully every time you grocery shop to avoid products that contain sesame and sesame derivatives.