Soy Allergy

I am allergic to soy. How can I avoid a soy-related reaction?

Avoid all food and products that contain soy and soy derivatives. This will¬†include any product with an ingredient list warns it “may contain” or “may contain traces of” soy.

Is a person able to outgrow a soy allergy?

A severe soy allergy can be a lifelong condition. However, for most children, a soy allergy will disappear within a few years. It is most common in infants and typically develops around three months of age.

How can I determine if a product contains soy or soy derivatives?

If soy is part of the product formulation, it must be declared in the list of ingredients or in a separate “contains” statement immediately following the list of ingredients. When shopping here in Ottawa, always read the ingredient list carefully. There are many ingredients that contain soy but don’t sound like soy, for example, “edamame”, “natto”, “miso”, “tempeh”, etc.

Avoiding soy and soy derivatives

Since soy has a high protein content, it is valued as an emulsifying and texturizing agent. This means soy is common in many processed foods. Make sure you read product labels carefully to ensure that they do not contain soy or soy derivatives. Keep in mind that manufacturers will occasionally change their recipes or use different ingredients for varieties of the same brand.