Treatments for Severe Allergic Reactions

As it stands there is no cure for allergies, to date. If you’re aware that you have an allergy to something, you should avoid any and all contact with the substance. If you’ve been identified as having an anaphylactic allergy response, the only remedy for contact with your allergen is to inject epinephrine into the bloodstream via the Epi-Pen. 

The Epi-Pen is a device designed to automatically inject epinephrine into the person’s body. In scenarios where a severe reaction is suspected, administration of epinephrine must be immediate. Afterwards, further treatment in an Ottawa emergency care centre is needed to ensure the individual’s recovery from the incident.

As a precaution, anyone identified with a serious allergy will have a prescription for epinephrine and should carry an Epi-Pen with them at all times. The allergist will make sure the individual understands how to use this device and where to inject themselves. Family and friends should be aware of their condition as well.