Tree Nut Allergy

The following list is comprised of the most common tree nuts:

  • walnuts
  • Brazil nuts
  • pistachio nuts
  • cashews
  • pine nuts (pignolias)
  • almonds
  • pecans
  • macadamia nuts
  • hazelnuts (filberts)

Keep in mind that even though peanuts are a common allergy,¬†they are actually “rooted” nuts and are considered part of the legume family.

How can I avoid a reaction to tree nuts?

Always be aware of what you are eating. This means reading all food labels and asking for the recipes of dishes at restaurants you visit. Also pay close attention to allergen warnings on labels.

I am allergic to tree nuts. Are peanuts dangerous to eat?

While peanuts are not in the same category as tree nuts, some individuals may have the same allergic response when in contact. It is best to consult with an Ottawa allergy specialist to identify which foods are safe for you to eat.

Avoiding tree nuts and their derivatives

You must read all labels on processed foods for warnings, and ask about the recipes when dining out. A lot of dishes are made with nut oils, nuts, or nut flours. Keep in mind that occasionally manufacturers change their recipes or use different ingredients for varieties of the same brand.