“You are what you eat”


We’ve all heard this expression before, but its message rings true. At Personalized Health Center, we believe in treating your body like an investment, arguably the most important one you will make. The key to making a good investment in your health lies in the foods you eat. Every food we consume has an effect on our bodies, whether good or bad. Just as each person is unique, so will their reactions to various foods be different. While broccoli could have no effect on one person, it may leave another feeling bloated and gassy. The effects of eating foods aversive to you are wide-reaching, some common examples of complaints our clients come to us with include:

•             “I feel very low energy”

•             “I’m nauseous after eating”

•            “My body hurts even when I barely feel stress”

•             “I haven’t had a good sleep in years”

•             “I’m constipated. I feel bloated.”

•             “I feel sick at the thought of eating”

•             “I wish someone can tell me what’s happening to my body”

•             “I feel like I am ageing faster than I am supposed to”

•             “I do not like who I am in the mirror or who I have become”

These negative reactions can leave us feeling frustrated and confused, unable to pinpoint which foods are at the root of the problem.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to these problems, and our team at Personalized Health Center is more than happy to help you achieve it! With our BodyCHECK assessment program, we provide services geared towards answering these questions and helping you get back your flow. If you can relate to any of the issues common to our clients, or want to reach your optimal health, take a look at our BodyCHECK services and get started today!