Who is Dr. Marc?

Hello to all of PHC’s present and future clients! It’s only fair that for my first blog I recount who I am, and what interested me in alternative health, in particular: bio-identical hormones.

My early career was very traditional actually, pills & tests just like everybody else…until I had a kind of massive burn-out in 2009 and had to re-think everything. The most shocking realization I made at that time was that “health” is not a subject taught in medical school, that it’s just supposed to exist automatically as long as there is no “disease”.

I had suddenly become that person, who didn’t have a disease but still didn’t feel healthy! And so my interest in alternative health really grew out of the necessity of healing myself, and of finding an “alternative” to the things taken for granted in traditional medicine. So I learned some naturopathy, homoeopathy, acupuncture, energy medicine, and combined those things all together into a unique approach to healing.

I’m very pleased to be collaborating with Hari and the PHC team to share this natural approach with all of our clients. Come on in and get checked out¬†today!








by Hari

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