Our Packages

Once we have collected all relevant data on you and your body, we know can give you a personalized touch.

We will identify which changes we need to make to give your body the highest return on investment. We look at protocol design as art. We must ensure that all the changes we make are going to make you feel better and not create more stress. Our #1 goal is to make sure you accomplish your goal, so we pride ourselves on tailoring every program to your lifestyle needs. We will look at your starting point, your current stress load, and the current state of your health. These are just some of the thing we consider before making a protocol.

Our general assessment and foundation building programs, called the BodyCHECK series, are listed below. We also leverage our extensive experience in specialized areas to create some custom programs for those with specific health concerns, (I.e. hormone imbalances), high performance athletes, and more! 

Please contact us at info@personalizedhealthcenter.com to book your initial appointment, or read through the following program packages to learn more: