Our clients often come to us with one simple goal — understanding their health needs.

The first step in making meaningful improvements to your heath lies in identifying what needs changing. Our effective assessments play a key role in meeting that need, and lay down the groundwork needed to maintain optimal health. Our assessment programs, identified under the BodyCHECK series, are designed to offer critical information to your well-being.

Our comprehensive assessment program consists of 3 main services:

  1. A background information review and analysis
  2. Body Fat Analysis using Biosignature Modulation
  3. Food Sensitivity Test using electro-dermal screening (140 foods)

We offer two types of programs:

1. Our assessment series, called the BodyCHECK series. Each type of BodyCHECK assessment provides a different level of detail in regards to your health and wellness. Along with the assessment process, you will leave with a personalized program designed to help you achieve your goals.

2. Specialized programs geared towards those with specific health concerns, (I.e. hormone imbalances) and high performance athletes. We leverage our extensive experience in these fields to provide you with the highest level of customized care.