Food Sensitivity Test

book-nowFood Sensitivity Test using electro-dermal screening

This comprehensive food sensitivity test assesses how your body reacts to certain foods. This non-evasive, highly reliable test uses electro-dermal screening to help us build the foundation of your nutritional program.

Every cell in the body is impacted by the gut as it converts all that we consume to optimize body usage of immune chemicals such as serotonin which affects mood, sleep, appetite, and metabolism.


Food sensitivites, toxins, and stress can significantly damage the gastrointestinal tract and witholding your body from receiving everything it needs. Hence, many health challenges or conditions like pain, sleep disorders, migraines, lack of energy, various illnesses are only some that are caused by an unhealthy gut.

What is electro-dermal screening

Electro-Dermal Screeningv(EDS) is a non-invasive, computerized procedure that measures electron flow where they come to the skin’s surface.

The equipment consists of a modern computer program, a sensitive Ohm meter and a signal generator. There are two cables coming out of the signal generator; one is positive, and the other one is negative. The positive lead is attached to a stylus with an electrode tip. The technician holds the stylus by the insulated handle and presses the tip against one of the patient’s acupuncture points. The patient holds a hand electrode in their free hand. During the measurement, the patient and the EDS form a closed circuit, allowing energy and information to flow from the EDS to the probe, through the patient to the hand electrode, and back to the EDS unit. The equipment then generates a report showing the level of sensitivities to many foods and providing us with very crucial data about the health of your gut and essentially your overall health.